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November 11, 2012
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-You didn't know what changed in your life. What did you do for it to be how it is now? Your life used to be filled with happiness and joy. You spent every living moment with a smile on your face and just burry yourself in your misery. People around you say things that you would never even think of saying to anyone else. It soon got to the point that you no longer cared about anything...For now you were just waiting for that hero to save you from this dark abyss.
-You were sitting in class in your lone desk by the window. Even the teachers didn't care about you since you were left to sit in the far corner of the room. Today was one of your least favorite days...pep rally days. Every person would be filled with pep and school spirit while you had no spirit at all. 
-You laid your head on the cold window as raindrops covered the outside and left a chilly sad feeling. As everyone else in class were preparing for the pep rally you had your eyes locked on one certain person; Alfred F. Jones. You envied his optimism and bright look but most of all you envied to be with him. He wasn't like other boys, he had crystal blue eyes that were the color of the sky on a cloudless day and his hair was the color of a tan silk blanket that you'd die to be wrapped in.
"Yo! What's your face!" Alfred yelled in your direction suddenly crashing your day dream.
"Huh?" You asked surprised looking around like a lost duckling.
"Ready for the pep rally?" Alfred asked you with excitement as he leaned on your desk.
" so.." You said not too sure what to say.
"Alright! Well since your coming I will get you some shakers and balloons!" He added with happiness. 
"Oh...ok." You said somewhat shy.
"Don't forget to cheer for me when the football players walk in." He winked then left the classroom with a smile.
-While on your way to your locker you happened to notice the Bad Touch Trio hanging out by the restrooms. They always loved messing with other people but you didn't pay them any attention as you walked along to your locker. While putting in the combination you felt someone's presence behind you. You turned around to face Gilbert and his little gang as they cornered you. 
"Hello there ____ did you bring my homework?" Gilbert asked with a smirk as he pushed you slightly against the chest.
"Y-yea. It's in my locker." You said with a stutter.
"We'll then hurry up and get it chica. We don't have all day." Antonio said while tapping his foot.
-You obeyed their commands and quickly got the papers from your locker and handed each of them their homework. 
"Why thank you." Gilbert said ruffling your hair. "Oh yea _____."
-You looked at him as he and his buddies were preparing to leave.
"Work on wearing make-up or something. No guy likes a girl to look like that." He said with a laugh.
"Gilbert. I think you're taking this too far." France said with a worried look.
"Oh just hurry and leave the loner to herself." Gilbert commanded his two friends who were now feeling a pang of guilt.
-You watched them leave the hallway as you immediately broke down in tears in the corner in which your locker was. Even though you keep hearing the same insults they still always get to you. You just sat there, face buried in your knees as you let your tears soak your face.
"Hey ____ is that you?" You heard a familiar voice say in front of you.
-You looked up and through the blur of your tear filled eyes you say Alfred all dressed in his football jersey. He was giving you a somewhat worried look. 
"What's wrong? Why aren't you at the pep rally?" He asked rather concerned.
"It's nothing important." You said looking away.
-He suddenly gripped your shoulders and made you look him straight in the eyes. There was one thing you saw in those eyes that you never saw in anyone else's...worry and concern.
"Someone hurt you again didn't they?" He slightly yelled.
-You had no other choice but to tell him everything that happened. You told him all that Gilbert had said to you. Alfred didn't seem to like what seemed to happen between you and the Bad Touch Trio.
"Don't listen to what that jerk says. He doesn't see the beauty that you have." He said wiping your tears away. "And you look absolutely beautiful without make up." 
-You gave a slight blush and surprised look at what he had to say.
"To make you feel better instead of going to the pep rally we could go out for some burgers. And we'll take eyebrows with us." He said with a smile as he stood up and held his hand out.
-You stood up and took his hand with your delicate one. For once you finally had a smile on your face.
Wrote this since I felt crappy :| so crappy that I haven't bathed in like 2 days, have on one sock, and had to take strong ibrophen.
Please comment, Fav and/or watch (;
:star: don't forget I take 5 :points: commissions and requests guys!
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XXEMOhetaliafangirlX Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Student Filmographer
That was pretty 
roseyohrt Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
^^ the hero save the day once again
MissAbbiKenway Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Student General Artist
i can relate to your description
but ohmygosh SO CUUUUUUUUTE, i love it so much :3
do you have anything similar to this, but with Italy? (:
Wolfheart811 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
This came out on my b-day!
Bakugami-Amaterasu17 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Oh…my…HRE. :iconhappytearsplz: that actually made me cry! And I'm a tough person to crack when I'm reading! That was soo kawaii! :iconsqueeeeplz:
Geek-Queen Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student General Artist
OMG That was really good! I loved how you showed in the story everyone is beautiful in their own way.
shadowlover-link Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Yea well I wanted people to know how special they all are in their own way.
Geek-Queen Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student General Artist
yeah I totally get it! Thanks for the story!
shadowlover-link Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Your welcome (:
Geek-Queen Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student General Artist
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