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July 6, 2012
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-You've been living in your new home for quite some time now. Many people tend to feel nervous or excited about moving or starting with a new life. You on the other hand felt a different feeling. 
-You had a strange feeling like this was where you belonged. Not only that but you had some neighbors tell you some rumors and legends that interested you. They were legends of a monster who lived in the back woods of your new home. They said that it would walk the area at night looking for a certain thing, maybe something lost....or something it's been waiting for.   
-You sat quietly looking out your window into the endless array of trees and plants. Living out in the country meant more wildlife and quietness. 
-With the thought of the monster rumors flowing through your head something was telling you that it was time for an adventure. What the rumors were true? You could be the first one to prove them true.
-Grabbing your jacket and flash light you headed out into the darkness not knowing what you got yourself into.
-You've been walking outside in the woods for what seems about 20 minutes and you still haven't seen anything besides a frog or two. The cold night air was just setting and you were getting ready to head back home.
"Maybe this whole trip was a waste of time." you said to yourself as you turned and headed in the opposite direction.
-Within a minute of walking back you heard rustling in the nearby trees. You have been told that cougars and mountain lions came out at night and judging by the sound it had to be something larger than a rabbit.
-Positioning your flashlight towards the tress the creature seemed to move to an area behind you. You quickly turned to the noise only to find the most bizarre thing happen.
-A blonde headed boy about the same age as you came out from a nearby bush. The moonlight glowed onto his beautiful green orbs and pale white skin. What mostly caught your attention were his large eyebrows and clothing. He wore a blue like cape with slightly ripped dress pants and a shirt.
"Wh-Who are you?" you asked a little shaken, but you didn't let your guard down.
-He walked a couple of steps closer to you without answering your question. You were getting more uncomfortable with every step he took.
"My name is Arthur, love." he said in a British accent as he looked into your eyes. "What is yours?"
"_-_____." you said in somewhat a whisper. "Why we're you following me?"
"Following you?" he said with a smirk. "My dear you are the one who intruded into my home."
"Intruded?" you asked puzzled. "These are the woods. You can't possibly live out here."
"Oh but I do." he said with a smile. "I've been living here for many years looking for something with such beauty as you." 
-That's when everything suddenly hit you. Those rumors weren't of some monster. They were just of him, but could the monster part also be true? He didn't look like any normal human being. Who exactly goes roaming the woods without showing their face to the rest of society.
"I don't know what you're talking about." you said. "I should get going." 
-Before you could take another step forward he grabbed you by the wrist with an iron grip and spun you around making both of your faces come inches closer. That's when you noticed those pearl white fangs.
"Let me go!" you commanded as you tried pulling away.
"No can do love." he replied as he placed an ice cold hand onto your face. "You see I've been looking for you quiet sometime now and I have no intention on letting you go."
-Chills went down your back with those simple words of his. The way he stroked your cheek made you feel strange in the lot of your stomach.
"How do you know it's me you're looking for? I don't even know why you want me." you said in a whisper without moving a muscle.
"I've been looking for my true love. I have been told that she would be a human of such beauty and enchantment, that even her blood is one of a kind." he spoke softly as he breathed in your scent. You could even feel him breathing onto the back of your neck causing the tiny hairs to go up.
-You couldn't deny the fact that you sort of felt the same way about him. Strangely you felt like you knew him for a long time. Maybe this what fate had for you. Your lover a vampire? A creature of the night?
"May I?" he asked kindly with his lips centimeters away from your neck. 
-You really didn't care if you gave yourself away to him. If your love was meant to be then so be it.
"....Yes..." you answered as fangs dug into your soft flesh softly sucking your precious blood.
•Why do I always forget to work on request?  Lord help me.
Anyway this #11 out of 18 request I had to do. Vampire England (: Please forgive me for the crappy story. I'm trying my best but it seems like all life and ideas are sucked out of after finding out that Hetalia is ending with season 4 ):
**Please FAV, COMMENT, or WATCH**
•Please watch out for more stories and request taking possibly this month (;
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